Effective on July 4, 2011.

The Netiquette is a series of rules of conduct governing the behavior of Internet users. If you want to participate in a tribune or a forum, you must respect the Netiquette. Otherwise, you might be expelled! is a community of real people who collaborate and exchange on ideas and products, companies, events and agri-food resources they love or want to talk about. Visitors can post different types of content : you can rate your experience with one particular producer, post pictures, advertise an event, and much more. We invite you to make your mark here, but we do have a few rules. For everyone's sake, we are committed to enforcing these general guidelines, as well as those pertaining to the different types of content you can post on the site. We also invite you to read the Terms of Service of

Be your awesome self

People will respect you more, engage with you more often, and treat you like a real person if you use your actual identity here. Have the courage to be you — instead of "ECO Girl 45". Don't misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity, affiliations, or age. While not mandatory, we think you'll have a much better online experience when you stand behind your actual words. Identity theft is a serious offense that will not be tolerated.

We welcome everyone

The blogs and forum on are open to people of all, race, religion, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. 

Win friends and influence people is designed for discovery, direct involvement in the community, and personal recognition. Connect with people around your mutual interests. Talk about what you care about — your passions — in a way that reflects who you are.


Argumenting or exchanging contradictory views is part of a healthy debate, but must not become a dialogue or private conversation between two participants who have no regards for others. This type of message will not be posted.

Be constructive with your criticism

Professional critics have something to teach us: They foster healthy conversation and debate without ever attacking people personally. Think about that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Would you say it to their face?

Have (good, clean) fun!

We're cheerleaders for any activity that encourages the spirit of fun, so long as it doesn't hurt other people. Don’t kill the conversation : please, no blonde jokes — or any words or images that come at the expense of others. Be sensitive to other users around you, and, in general, don't post sexual or violent material. We want to create an open community for everyone and we will not tolerate any improper behavior.

Defamatory, hainous, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or disrespectful comments about ethnic origins, religious beliefs or an age group will not be published.
Vulgar, obscene or vicious language is not allowed. Blogs and forum are public and your comments could hurt others. Persons using coarse language will be thrown out.

On the Net, capital letters are equivalent to yelling and could be interpreted as aggressiveness, which is rather annoying for the people who are reading you. Messages using only capital letters will not be published.

Spread the wealth

Make the community a richer place by sharing your experience and insight. You may have the perfect answer to someone else's burning question. This is the substance of  It's how you give back to the community.

Tell it like it is

We're into transparency, honesty, and truth. This community is based on the contributions of real people who put their reputations on the line. Be one of them. Ask tough questions and reward the candor of others. Talk about what you care about — your passions — in a way that reflects who you are.

On topic

Make a valuable and relevant contribution. is not a site for conversations about the employment practices of a company, its ideology or other subjects that have nothing to do with local food and agri-food. If these issues are dear to your heart, you can talk about them on other sites.

Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar

Don’t take the credit for content written by other users or copied on other sites. You’re smart, so write your own thoughts and comments and publish photos YOU have taken!

No hawking! is a community, not a baseball stadium. It's okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it's relevant to the conversation. If you're here to plant a ton of links to your Web site without doing much else, your comments will likely be flagged as spam or "crass commercialism."

Inclusion of hyperlinks to other sites is allowed as long as it respects the Net etiquette. However, is not responsible for the content of these sites.

Keep the peace

If you see content that crosses the line of acceptability, please . We'll remove flagged items if we agree that they're no good. Messages with no apparent link to the subject will not be published. In addition, repetitive messages disrupt the conversation and will not be tolerated.

Don't be naughty

Make sure you have the right to publish any content you post to, and don't violate the privacy of others. Don’t publish private information about others. It is true that the identity of some companies is based on their owner, but you should generally avoid giving the complete name of other persons, their phone number and email address. Don’t post close-up pictures of people without their consent.

Be fruitful, but don’t multiply

Don’t create multiple accounts to violate these guidelines, game the system, or harass and deceive other users.


Discussions on blogs and forums are written in the language used, either French or English, depending on the section of the site. We don’t allow other languages in any of the sections, with the exception of a few words.

Those boots were made for walking

If isn't for you, there's always the door. We'll miss you, but we'd hate for you to stick around if you're unhappy.

Specific guidelines about the different types of content

The most interesting comments are those talking about a personal experience. Talk about your own experience rather than the experience of someone you know.

Use your judgment when you write comments.  Refrain from making generalizations or drawing conclusions too quickly. Base your comments on facts. You can give your opinion about your experience, but don’t exagerate or fascify your experience. will not take sides in case of a conflict, so you have to fully endorse what you write.

Your comments will bear more credibility if they are objective. Companies/organizations and their employees should not use the Comment section of to promote themselves or bash their competition.
Before writing a comment, make sure you will be adding something new to the discussion. Don’t write about the same stories over and over again.

Pictures and videos
You can post pictures and videos in the badge of companies/organizations and events. Again, use your judgment and don’t publish pictures or videos that are not directly linked to the company/organization or event.

Promotional announcements and special offers (for company owners, organization directors and event organizers) You can add promotions, special offers and news on the badge of your company/organization or event. However, we ask that you do not use your badge to bad mouth your competition, sollicit visitors for positive comments or criticize certain people.

Thank you

For considering these rules, which are, themselves, carefully considered. As with any community, it's up to each of us to create and participate in open conversations that can bring us together — and sometimes tear us apart. Our hope is that by sharing our interests, we will push further our passion for local food and agri-food, improve how we act collectively as consumers and maybe create new horizons. One thing is for certain, we’re committed to improving the reality of local producers and hope to contribute to this objective in collaboration with the community of

By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that reserves the right to reproduce and disseminate these comments, in part or in whole, and in which ever way we choose. Please note that does not endorse views expressed on its site. Your comments will be moderated and published if they respect the Netiquette. reserves the right to modify at any moment theses rules of conduct (Netiquette), without prior notification, to not publish messages of Internet users and to close a tribune or forum at any moment, without prior notification. is not obligated to remove your messages from the Web, even if you make that request. We remind you that by participating to our tribunes and forum, you autorize to publish your comments on the Web for an indefinite period. This also means that your messages will be indexed by Internet’s search engines. So, we ask that you think carefully about your comments and the consequences of their publication.


Sophie Tremblay, responsable des services de communication